Find Out Which Method Is Right For Your Hair Loss Situation

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 Find out Which Method Is Right for Your Hair Loss Situation (on-page)


Hair transplant is life changing experience for those who are eligible for the best hair transplant in Dubai. Now you might think who is suitable for a hair transplant?

Best hair transplant in Dubai is not for people who have a head full of hair. People who suffer from hair loss such as female and male pattern hair loss and have enough donor hairs for the transplantation are considered as a candidate for hair transplant. If you have scalp with no hair meaning complete bald, then you cannot opt for it.

Even though the hair transplantation uses the hair from the back of the scalp for transplantation but due to advancement in hair transplant techniques it is now preferred to utilize the body hair for the procedure.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the candidate hair loss should get to a stable stage. For patients who use certain medications such as chemotherapy it usually takes about nine months for the hair loss to get stable.

Some people have more expectation from the results of hair transplant which make them not eligible for it. As they ask for a head full of hair with having limited amount of donor’s hairs. It is better to look into the advice of the surgeon of the expected results.


Which hair transplant method is suitable for you?

There are a number of hair transplant techniques but which technique is suitable for you? But first look at the steps of hair transplant:

  • Hair shaving or shortening
  • Planning on the transplanted area and drawing hairline
  • Injecting local anesthesia into the scalp
  • Collection of the hair follicles from the donor area
  • Preparation of the hair follicles for transplantation
  • Transplantation of the hair follicles


The two known and medically proven methods of best hair transplant in Dubai are FUT and FUE. They both are similar except the extraction process, and all other techniques are variants of them. Both these methods are viable procedures for the collection of the hair follicles.

  • FUT procedure is done by removing a strip of skin from the back of the scalp then dividing and dissecting the strip to extract the grafts according to the requirement. Each graft contains about one to four hair follicles. These units are then placed into the required areas. The donor area is stitched and takes about a week to heal. This procedure leaves a linear scar at the donor area.


  • FUE extracts the hair follicles individually one by one usually from the back of the scalp. However, this technique does allow the extraction of hair follicles from the other parts of the body too. Once the follicles are extracted, they are placed into the incisions made at the benefactor region. This procedure does not leave a linear scar, but small white scars can be found where the follicles were extracted from. These small scars are not visible and covered by the surrounding hairs.


Certain medications are also provided by the surgeon to prevent any infection and to quicken the healing process. The transplanted hair fall out after two weeks but its natural and nothing to worry about, new hair start to grow in the area, and it takes about nine months for the hairs to grow fully.

As far as it is about which is the best hair transplant in Dubai? It all depend on what is suitable for you and can fulfill your needs.

Free Consultation –we at Hair Transplant Dubai offer free consultation by our best surgeons to help you decide if you are a suitable candidate or not for hair transplant and if yes, which technique of best hair transplant in Dubai is suitable for you.Our surgeons carry out complete scalp examinations and suggest the best solution for your hair loss condition.

Hair loss treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Page Content)

It’s normal to lose fifty to hundred strands a day but when hair loss exceeds this amount it is an alarming situation to take proper action. This sudden loss of hair could be temporary or permanent depending on the type of hair loss. Sometimes it’s not sudden and may take some time for an individual to completely lose all the hair and develop certain bald patches or bald scalp. The reasons behind hair loss can be numerous, the reason for your hair loss might not be the reason for any other’s hair loss.

Causes of Hair loss

  • Hereditary Thinning or Balding

This is about the genetics that you inherit from the family. It is a natural condition and caused by the combination of genetics, hormonal levels, and aging. This the most common cause of hair loss and experienced by both men and women.

  • Underlying Disease

Hair loss can be the first symptom of the disease such as thyroid and anemia. Treating the disease can reverse the hair loss. Chemotherapy also causes all the body hair to shed off and when it is stopped some patients regain hair.

  • Stress

Stress triggers the production of cortisol which imbalances the hormones leading to the loss of hair in the form of clumps.

  • Poor Nutrition

Lack of protein and vitamin causes the hairs to become weak and brittle that can easily break. Patients who have eating disorder usually suffer from hair loss.

Medications and Treatments

  • Medications

The two known medications that are FDA proved used to treat hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride. They are present in both topical and pill form. These medications should only be used after the doctor prescription.

  • Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the only solution that has a permanent result. The procedure is simple and safe and requires the transplantation of your own donor hair to the area of thinning or baldness. There are three commonly practiced hair transplant techniques that are used to treat the hair loss.

Techniques of Hair Transplant

  • Follicular Unit Transplant

This is the oldest technique of hair transplant that is done by extracting a linear strip of skin from the back of the scalp. The donor area is then sewed and the strip is divided and the grafts are dissected for implantation.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction

The procedure directly harvests the follicles from the back of the scalp or from any region of the body, usually, legs. The extracted hair follicles are prepared while incisions are made at the benefactor region. The prepared follicles are then inserted into the incisions.

  • Stem Cell FUE

This procedure is an advancement in the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction, previously manual punch tool was used for extraction of hair follicles but now with advancement in technology, the motorized tool has taken the place of manual punch because of the efficiency and effectiveness brought in the extraction of hair follicles.

All the procedures are the same except the extraction process. The decision of the technique suitability for your hair transplant can only decide by your hair loss condition.

      Who Should Opt for Follicular Unit Transplant? 

  • Candidates who have large areas of baldness and want to cover those areas with transplanted hair in a single session.
  • Candidates who have loose scalp skin.
  • Candidates who can bare long recovery period.
  • Candidates who don’t mind scarring.

        Who should Opt for Follicular Unit Extraction? 

  • Candidates with small areas of baldness.
  • Candidates with the tight scalp.
  • Candidates who don’t want any scarring.
  • Candidates who want body hair transplant.
  • Candidates who don’t mind keeping short hair styles.

Who should Opt for Stem Cell FUE?

  • Candidates who have a tight scalp.
  • Candidates who want minimal downtime.
  • Candidates who want minimum scarring.
  • Candidates who want a fast and efficient hair transplant procedure.
  • Candidates who want body hair transplant.

Once you have decided about the hair transplant technique, there are few important measures that should be considered as,

 Pre-Operative Care

  • Aspirin and Blood thinners should be avoided for at least 14-20 days before the surgery.
  • Smoking should be avoided two to three weeks before, as it slows down the process of healing.
  • Get your tests done a couple of weeks before in the case of any medical issue.
  • Alcoholic beverages should be avoided five to ten days prior the surgery.

 Procedure Steps

  • Shaving Donor Area – The donor area is prepared by shaving or trimming of the hair at donor area to make it efficient for extraction.
  • Administering Anesthesia at Donor Area – Local anesthesia is injected into the donor area of the scalp to make the extraction painless.
  • Extraction– This step can be done by any of the three techniques of hair transplant that are,
  1. Follicular Unit Transplant
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction
  3. Stem Cell FUE
  • Graft Preparation – The extracted grafts are prepared to obtain a required size.
  • Administering Anesthesia at Recipient Area – Local anesthesia is injected into the recipient area of the scalp to make transplantation painless.
  • Creation of Incisions – Tiny holes are made in the recipient area by specialized needles for the placement of the grafts.
  • Insertion of Grafts – The last step in any hair transplant technique is the insertion of the grafts.

Now let’s look at the,

Post-Operative Measures

  • It is recommended not to wash your scalp for a day or two after the surgery.
  • Avoid touching the scalp as this can lead to a scalp infection.
  • Smoking should be avoided for another couple of weeks after the surgery.
  • Blood thinners and Anesthesia intake should be avoided.
  • Sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible. If one has to encounter sun exposure then he should wear a cap.
  • Alcohol beverages intake should be avoided.
  • Scratching the scalp is strictly prohibited.
  • Massaging the scalp is not allowed till two weeks as this can damage the transplanted hair follicles.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

  • It is a life changing experience making people look younger.
  • The results are permanent.
  • The procedure is completely safe and natural.
  • The transplanted hair can be styled, colored and easily managed.
  • Hair Transplant is a cost effective procedure.

Free Consultation

We at Hair Transplant Dubai offer the best Hair Transplant services. Our surgeons are International Board Certified with the expertise of years and a name in the field of hair transplant. Besides that, our clinic team is friendly and ready to give you comfort during the procedure. With that said, you can visit our clinic and have a free consultation to discuss all your queries and these best possible suggestions for your hair loss recovery. Start your hair loss recovery journey with us now, sign up for a free consultation by filling the form below.

Dimitar Berbatov Ex-Manchester United’s striker has hair transplant

Dimitar Berbatov had been recently seen at a Soccer Aid 2016 match at Old Trafford but the onlookers were more focused on his head full of hair rather than the two goals he made for the Rest of The World Team. Previously he had been sporting short hair with the thinning hairline and a sudden contrast in his hair made several women tweet and share their observations. The observers claimed that his hair transplant was best to date!

Hair Loss Treatment

The explanation to Dimitar’s luscious locks is hair transplant. It had started to become apparent from the summer of 2015 when the 35-year-old shaved his head.

Today, a lot of people around the globe especially men are facing hair loss problem. Men are losing hair due to the genetic condition called the male pattern hair loss. Hair loss treatment of hair transplant has the capability of changing what nature has in store. The results of hair transplant are promising and mostly successful with a hair transplant cost in Dubai mostly of one time.  New hair starts to grow in three months’ time with full growth seen around nine to twelve months.

There are significant techniques which celebs opt for restoring hair. Let’s discuss them below.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction: It is the well-known practiced hair transplant technique, it starts with injecting local anesthesia into the donor area of the scalp. The hair follicles are directly extracted using a punch tool. The follicles are then prepared and incisions made at the benefactor region. Anesthesia is then injected into the benefactor region. The prepared follicles are inserted into the incisions.

The transplant procedure is the same as other procedures. The transplanted hair follicles fall out after two weeks. New hair grows in two months with full growth in nine months’ time and hair transplant cost in Dubai varies according to the required grafts.

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant: It is the oldest technique of hair transplant used to extract follicles by reaping the skin with healthy hair from the back of the scalp. The skin with hair follicles is then divided and dissected according to the grafts requirement. Each graft may contain one to four hair follicles. The reaping of skin causes a linear scar on the scalp. The donor area is sutured and healing takes about two weeks.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant: It is the advancement in the technique of FUE. The advancement is the use of specialized punch tool. As the manual FUE is time-consuming and tiring, the motorized punch tool can successfully extract more hair grafts in one session. It also helps prevent damage to the hair follicle during the process of extraction. Rest of the procedure is same as FUE.

Free Consultation

Celebs all around the world are getting the hair transplant to restore their hair and look younger. We at Hair Transplant Dubai offer a free consultation, where we guide our patients on the hair transplant technique and their eligibility as a hair transplant candidate. What to wait for? Don’t you also want to look young and confident? Start your hair loss recovery now and book and appointment with us at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic. Fill the form below to avail the free consultation opportunity.


IPL for Pigmentation Treatment

Meta Description

Know here the basics, procedure, and the cost of the most famous skin care treatment: IPL for Pigmentation. Read more to dig deeper in this advanced treatment.

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?

(Pablo Picasso)

How Does Your Face Look?

I guess only you can see your face correctly. Sometimes, we are not able to see a problem in our face. That is why often people point out any problem appearing on our face. Comments of people around us often make us think about the following questions;

  • Does your skin look dull and older?
  • Does your skin look tired and exhausted?
  • Do you think you look older than you feel?

Do not worry then! You have some advanced skin care treatments for these problems. One of these advanced procedures for skin rejuvenation is IPL Skin Rejuvenation. In this post, we are going to be addressing the following questions.

  • How does IPL Skin Rejuvenation work?
  • How much does IPL Skin Rejuvenation cost?

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

So what is IPL skin rejuvenation? Actually, IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is an amazing and advanced skin care treatment that is famous for its remarkable skin rejuvenation results. Mean to say you can eliminate the different between your imagination and the reality about your looks by taking a simple skin rejuvenation treatment.

Look Younger Without Surgery

The surgical facelift procedure seems demanding and that is why people are afraid of going under the knife for facelift surgery. It is a non-surgical facelift procedure that involves no incisions and stitches. It is the best alternative to the surgical facelift procedure. If you improve your appearance, you’ll feel better, too.

What Should You Expect?

People often ask if IPL laser is the best way to treat skin pigmentation? There is no denying the fact that it delivers amazing results. IPL skin treatment cures the problem and delivers fantastic results for all skin types. It carefully removes pigmentation marks.

Are You Ready for IPL Treatment?

Make your mind for IPL treatment because it would be the best decision you have ever made for your skin. To see IPL skin rejuvenation before and after pictures, please contact Laser Skin Care Clinic.

We are located in the heart of Dubai. Whether you live in the UAE or outside, we have the most advanced skin care solutions at a reasonable cost. Contact us to know the cost of IPL for pigmentation in Dubai.

Signup for a Free Consultation

To find out more on the subject, we recommend you sign up for a free online consultation with a dermatologist by filling the short signup form on this page. You can also call us by simply dialing our contact number in the top of the website.

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Female Hair transplant (Page Content)

It is believed that women go through immense psychological effects from hair loss than men. They try to hide their hair loss, try to develop a hairstyle that could disguise their hair loss and spend hours in front of the mirror just to look at the intensity of the hair loss. Unfortunately, our society also considers women with thin hair or bald scalp as ugly. Most women suffer in silence and likely to experience a low confidence. Although hair loss occurs in both sexes, the causes and pattern of hair loss vary.

Causes of Hair loss in Women

  • Hypothyroidism – It is a thyroid deficiency that causes thinning hair or bald patches.
  • Anagen Syndrome – A disease whereby the hair sheds of before its normal growth cycle.
  • Pregnancy – Hormonal changes during pregnancy causes temporary hair loss.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia – This is hereditary hair loss that forms a typical pattern hair thinning on the scalp.
  • Alopecia Areata –This is patchy hair loss from the scalp and eyebrows.
  • Telogen Effluvium – This kind of hair loss is due to any stressful event in life that causes shedding of hair over the entire scalp.
  • Trichotillomania – This is a disease whereby the person plucks his/her own hair in regular or bizarre patterns leading to permanent hair loss.
  • Chemical Processing – Chemicals used to coloring the hair can permanently damage the hairs.
  • Traction Alopecia – Tight braiding and hair styles can pull hair resulting in hair loss.

 Diagnosis of Hair loss

  • Hormonal levels check
  • Scalp Biopsy – A small section of the scalp is examined under a microscope to know the cause of hair loss.
  • Densitometry – A handheld microscopic device that is used to check miniaturization of the hair shafts.
  • Hair Pull – This is a simple test whereby the doctor pulls the small amount of hair to check the hair loss. If more than three hairs per pull come out then it’s alarming.

 Treatment of Hair loss

  • 2% Minoxidil – Two percent of the Minoxidil solution applied directly on the scalp stimulates hair growth. It’s not a quick fix, you can see the result after two months of application and the condition might reverse when you stop using it.
  • Vitamins and Nutrients – Establishing a diet that has the right amount of proteins, vitamins can help in regaining the health of hair.
  • Melatonin – Its uses has shown effective results in some women with improvement in hair thinning.
  • Hair Transplant – If the hair loss is permanent the only solution that can help you gain hair is hair transplant. The procedure is simple and non-invasive requiring transplantation of healthy hair from one part of the scalp to another.

Female Candidate of Hair Transplant

Usually, women have diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp and because of this, they are not considered the good candidates of hair transplant. However, there are also some women who suffer from pattern hair loss which can be treated with the hair transplant.

  • Candidates suffering from Traction Alopecia.
  • Candidates that have hair loss which is caused by trauma such as injury scars, chemical scars, burn scars.
  • Candidates that have distinct pattern baldness such as crown thinning or receding hairline.
  • Candidates that have previously gone through a cosmetic surgery and want hair around the incisions.

Types of Hair Transplant

  • Follicular Unit Transplant – This technique requires the removal of a strip of the skin from the back of the scalp which is divided and dissected for graft transplantation.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction – This technique is done by removing hair follicles from usually back of the scalp. However, body hair transplant can also be done through this technique.
  • Stem Cell FUE – This is like FUE, except a motorized punch tool is used for extraction of the hair follicles giving extra efficiency to perform the process.

Which Technique of Hair Transplant is Suitable for you?

The decision of the hair transplant technique depends on the factors:

  • The degree of hair loss.
  • Hair density.
  • Hair texture.
  • Customized client needs.

Pre-Operative Measures

  • Stop Smoking for about three weeks before the surgery.
  • Avoid Alcohol beverages two weeks prior to the surgery.
  • Blood thinners and Aspirin intake should be avoided two to three weeks before the surgery are scheduled.

Procedure Steps

  • Donor Area Preparation – The donor area is shaved and trimmed for the extraction purpose.
  • Donor Area Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is injected into the donor area of the scalp to make it numb so the patient feels no pain.
  • Extraction – This can be done by any of the three hair transplant technique;
    • Follicular Unit Transplant – FUT
    • Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE
    • Stem Cell FUE
  • Grafts Preparation – The extracted grafts are prepared according to the requirements. Usually, a graft containing one to three hairs are used to give a natural look.
  • Receptor Area Anesthesia – Anesthesia is administered into the receptor area to make the patient feel no pain during the process of receptor site creation and transplantation.
  • Receptor Area Preparation – After injecting local anesthesia into the scalp, tiny incisions are made at the site with specialized needles.
  • Graft Insertion – The prepared grafts are inserted into the holes made at the receptor site.

 Recovery Period

  • The downtime period is of two days.
  • Normal day to day activities can be carried out after the fourth day.
  • Transplanted hair fall out after two weeks, with new hair growth in two months’ time.
  • Full hair growth is seen in nine months’ time.

Hair Transplant for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

  • Eyelash and eyebrows help in defining the frame of the face and have a great cosmetic importance.
  • Lack of eyebrows and eyelash cause the same kind of distress as caused by the scalp hair loss.

The causes of loss of eyelashes and eyebrows are the same reasons as mentioned above for the hair loss from the scalp. The procedure used for restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes is;

  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Stem Cell FUE

Some important features to keep in mind for eyebrow and eyelid transplantation:

  • Cutting of each follicular unit.
  • Placing the follicles at the proper angle and direction.

Free Consultation

Visit our clinic, to get FREE Consultation from our top surgeons in the UAE. Our surgeons have the expertise and the skills you are looking for your hair transplant procedure. Fill the form below to avail this amazing opportunity.




Causes and Treatment of Male Baldness by Acell Therapy

Male pattern baldness can occur at any age from the time of puberty to any age around 50’s. The measurement of male pattern baldness can be measured by the standard scale called the Norwood Scale. It is caused by the male hormone and your genes. It causes hair loss in a specific pattern from receding hairline to the back of the scalp, then sides and lastly whole scalp go bald.

The hair is present in a cavity called the follicle surrounded by the skin. What happens during the process of baldness is that the cavity shrinks over time causing the hair to become finer to remain fit in it. Eventually, the hair falls and does not grow back. It is possible to grow new hair in the follicle.

Examination of Male Pattern Hair Loss

The classic male pattern baldness occurs in patterns and can be diagnosed. However, if the hair loss occurs in patches, hair breakage or sudden hair loss along redness and pain might be caused by some other reasons then genes.

The surgeon usually performs a skin biopsy and some blood tests to know the actual cause of hair loss.

Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness

  • ACell + PRP Hair Growth Therapy

What is PRP?

PRP refers to platelet rich plasma. A small amount of blood is drawn from the body and placed in a centrifuge machine, which concentrates the concentration of the plasma. The concentrated plasma contains the growth factors that stimulate the hair follicles to develop.

What is ACell?

ACell has a broad range of applications that are used for the repairing of damaged tissues. It is a natural occurring protein in the skin which injected into the scalp can trigger the dormant stem cells. You may wonder what stem cell is. Stem Cells are those cells in the body that are present to maintain the damaged tissues, they work by activating other cell types for the regeneration of cells.

ACell + PRP

ACell therapy Dubai helps to slow down the process of thinning. Hair loss should be fought at an early stage so as to maintain the hair as long as possible.

Procedure of ACell + PRP Therapy

Local anesthesia is injected into the scalp to numb it. Some amount of blood that is extracted is centrifuged and ACell therapy is prepared to be injected into the scalp. The procedure is quick, maximum it takes about 90 minutes to complete. Some individuals may suffer sore scalp but that would heal in 48 hours.

Who can benefit from ACell + PRP THERAPY?

ACell therapy Dubai is a very effective treatment to slow down the hair loss and improve the growth and quality of hair follicles. It can be done by

  • Patients who are suffering from male and female pattern hair loss.
  • Decreased hair growth
  • Those who suffering from Alopecia Areata


The results of ACell therapy Dubai are amazing and within six months new hair become visible in four to six months after the procedure. Depending on the area treated, hair become thick and dense. The results last for years.

A number of injections of ACell+PRP can be done to achieve specific results. Some patients experience significant hair growth after just one treatment.

Free Consultation

We at Dubai Hair Transplant clinic provide the best facilities for hair loss treatments. Many people who have got ACell therapy Dubai done have experienced a significant gain in the hairs. If you want to consult with our surgeon you can get a Free Consultation. You can discuss your hair loss issues for the best suitable treatment.


Secrets to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Keyword: hair loss treatments in Dubai

Title: Secrets to Grow Long and Healthy Hair (off-page)


Watching hair grow is very frustrating as it is a process of patience and perseverance to watch hair grow to your desired length and making sure they are healthy as well.

There is no quick solution to growing hair but these hair loss treatments in Dubai will definitely make your hair grow fast and healthy.

  • Trimming Hair

Trimming hair can improve the overall quality of the hair. The split ends can move up and cause hair breakage and thinning. To prevent the split ends to cause the hair to get weak it’s good to trim off weak and frizzy hair once a week to obtain waist length hair.

  • Massaging Scalp

As you know massaging the scalp has many advantages. It helps in regulating blood circulation on the scalp and can be done easily with or without oil. When the blood circulation is enhanced the hair roots become strong and trigger hair growth. The massage with oil lubricates the scalp and prevents the scalp to get dry.

Oils like olive and coconut are effective in hair growth.

  • Eating Balanced Diet

Hair is made from the protein called Keratin. The body functions properly circulating the food in the form of amino acids, vitamins, minerals that we eat in blood. However when there is a deficiency of any one of them the body prefers to provide these to other parts to function properly than to provide to the hair follicle for hair growth which leads to hair become weak, fragile and eventually fall. So eating a proper balanced diet is important for healthy hair growth.

Foods like eggs, chicken, fish, omega 3 fatty acids are good for luscious locks. Biotin is effective vitamin to increase the health of the hair, nail and skin.

  • Stop Stressing

Stress can trigger hair loss as during stress the body does not provide enough blood to the scalp and in worse cases the hair bulbs become weak and hair falls out. Stress can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle contains a proper diet and regular exercise. Spend time with your family and have enough sleep. All these steps can greatly improve your life.

  • Don’t Style Your Hair Much

Styling your hair causes hair to become weak, as the heat caused by the styling products dries the hair and makes them brittle. Avoid too tight hairdos, they cause the distortion in blood circulation. Also, don’t comb your hair when they are wet as this causes damage to the hair.

  • Medications

Medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride are FDA approved hair loss treatment in Dubai for the hair loss sufferers. Their regular usage shows great improvement in hair growth but as soon as their usage is stopped hair loss might come again.

These medications can be used orally and topically as well, depending on your prescription. However, females are not recommended these medications because of their side effects.

  • Hair Transplant

If you are facing permanent hair loss and have reached a stable state of hair loss then hair transplant is the answer to your worries. It is a safe and simple procedure. It uses your own hair as donor hair for the transplantation to the benefactor region.

The results are natural and everlasting with a boost in the confidence.


These all hair loss treatments in Dubai are of great value to the good health of the hair. If your hair loss is worse and at the alarming stage you need to quickly visit the hair doctor to prevent further hair loss or to slow down hair loss.

Is it Possible to Get Your Hair Back Without Going Under the Surgery?

Keyword: Mesotherapy in Dubai

Title: Is it Possible to Get Your Hair Back without Going under the Surgery (off-page)


Among different causes of hair fall, reduced blood circulation, lack of nutrients and hormonal imbalance can be treated with the Mesotherapy in Dubai. Besides treating these causes, it is effective in promoting hair growth and sometimes it is also used to treat severe dandruff. However in a severe case of dandruff you need to ask your doctor if it is suitable for you or not.

The procedure of Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment where the microinjections are injected below the epidermal layer, in the mesoderm which acts as a connecting layer between the fast and tissues of the skin.

The amino acids, vitamins, co-enzymes and nucleic acid administered can be customized according to the requirements of the patient. The good thing about the procedure is that it a painless and safe procedure with no local anesthesia or dressing required. The treatment spans over eight sessions. One injection is injected per week and the procedure no longer takes than half an hour.

People with these problems should not opt for Mesotherapy

  • Skin ailments
  • Haemophilia
  • Pregnancy
  • Dermal inflammations

Mechanism of Mesotherapy

The needle used to form a small hole in the scalp to inject produces a healing effect involving collagen and elasticity which are important in producing new skin. This procedure adds to the existing collagen and elastin. Only a superficial damage is produced by injecting microinjections. The chemical reactions triggered depend on the substances injected.

Ingredients of Mesotherapy

It takes about twenty to thirty minutes for the procedure to be completed depending on the size of the area. The active ingredients in Mesotherapy in Dubai include

  • Biochanin A
  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-3

These help in controlling the DHT that causes male/female pattern hair loss known as Androgenetic alopecia. The also stimulate protein, extracellular matrix, hair growth, prevents hair loss and reduces inflammation. It promotes tissue remodeling that has a direct impact on the hair follicle.

Advantages of Mesotherapy

  • Increase blood Circulation
  • Controls DHT
  • Stimulates the growth of hair follicle
  • Stimulates extracellular matrix and anchoring proteins

 How quickly does it affect?

Some individuals experience the hair growth in the first week of the treatment however the results can vary depending on the level of hair loss. Most patients experience the results in two to three months after the treatment but the full effect is seen after six months.

How effective is Mesotherapy

The treatment of Mesotherapy in Dubai is more effective than other oral medications for hair rejuvenation. The oral treatments have to pass through the tract and metabolized by the liver before released in the blood stream. The digestive tract reduces the amount of the medication that reaches the affected area.

However, Mesotherapy directly delivers the dose to the affected area. It is also effective than topical treatments.

Side Effects

Some people might experience certain side effects such as

  • Pain due to needle insertion
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Bruising

In more severe cases infection might occur which needs to be treated by the doctor immediately.

Mesotherapy in Dubai can be used along with other treatments for different solutions. It can be combined with

  • Light therapy for treating acne
  • Dermal pen for acne scarring
  • Radio frequency for skin rejuvenation
  • Low carbohydrate diet for weight loss
  • Lymphatic drainage for cellulite reduction
  • Dermal fillers
  • Liposuction treatment

The treatment of Mesotherapy can help provide a better alternative to the expensive and painful treatments. Hope this article would have helped you in understanding the mechanism and usage of Mesotherapy better. If you encounter any unknown or severe effect then you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible.