All You Need to Know About Buttock Lift

It is often the case that buttocks in many people begin to sag, mainly due to aging, sudden weight loss or after pregnancy.

This makes the lower body look very unattractive and can even create health issues. When that happens, it calls for taking corrective measures.

Luckily, there are many corrective procedures available for droopy and sagging butts, Buttock lift in Dubai being the most popular one amongst them. Wondering what’s that? Let’s find out!

What is a Buttock Lift?

A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery that is aimed at improving the appearance of the buttocks. It is typically done in conjunction with lipectomy, or lower body lift, however, it can be performed as a single procedure as well.

During a buttock lift, excess fat is removed from the buttocks. Sagging tissues are lifted and removed and a flat rear end becomes rounder. The skin over the buttocks is then raised and tightened, making the butt appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled.

It is important to note, however, that a buttock lift is only meant for improving the quality and tightness of the butt, and not to add any additional volume. Some people may have an amazing skin but are interested in adding volume to their butts. Such people can benefit from Brazilian Butt lift that increases the size of the butt by adding volume to it.

Why Get a Buttock Lift?

You may want to get a buttock lift if your buttocks appear saggy due to weight loss, aging or genetics. The following pointers may indicate you’ll be a good candidate for a butt lift.

  • If you have loose or sagging skin and extra fat in your buttocks
  • If your gluteal area makes you feel self-conscious
  • If you recently experienced dramatic weight loss and are close to your ideal weight
  • If the excess fat makes you uncomfortable or cause problems in mobility

How is it Done?

A buttock lift surgery lasts anywhere between one and two hours, depending on the nature of the surgery.

Typically, a surgeon first marks the area from where fat and skin needs to be removed. Incisions are then made on these cites to eliminate excess fat and skin using a scalpel. The underlying tissues are stitched using dissolvable threads and the incisions are then shut close. The dressing is then applied to let the wounds heal.

Your surgeon will give you special instructions on how to take care of yourself after the surgery. Usually, you’ll be advised to take rest for at least two weeks after the surgery and avoid shower till the stitches are removed. You’ll only be able to return to sporting activities after six weeks from the surgery.

Risks & Complications

No cosmetic surgery is 100 percent safe. There’s always a tiny risk of things going bad, but this happens rarely. If you put yourself in the hands of an expert surgeon, the chances of any complications are very low.

You may experience some side effects immediately after your buttock lift surgery. These include bleeding, sensory disturbance, infection, a wound that refuses to heal and an allergic reaction. Most of these, however, are temporary complications and can be dealt with medicines and antibiotics.

Laser Hair Removal Cost : 5 Things that Affect the Cost of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in Abu Dhabi and around the world for it provides an easy and convenient alternative to hair removal. The major benefit of the treatment is that it provides a permanent solution to unwanted body hair and in most cases, hair doesn’t return at all.

However, the cost of the treatment gives cold feet to many people wanting to seek the treatment. The procedure is far more expensive than the temporary solutions already available (like waxing and shaving). But this cost isn’t fixed and vary widely due to a number of factors.

The top five of these factors are listed below.

1.      The Area to be Treated

The size of the region or area which has to be treated at a hair removal clinic in Sharjah or elsewhere has the most significant impact on the cost of a laser treatment. The legs, chest and back require more time and energy to be lasered thus the cost of these areas are the highest. If you, however, want to remove hair from areas like the upper lip or pubic region, the cost will be comparatively lower.

2.      Number of Sessions Required

Just as with the size of treatment, the number of sessions is also directly proportional to the cost of the entire procedure. Some hair types make it longer to kill the hair follicles, thus you have to sit down for several more sessions. The more the number of sessions, the higher will be the cost of the treatment. However, typically most laser hair removal treatments require no more than six sessions, three being the minimum.

Surgeons usually charge more for the first few sessions and offer discounted prices for the subsequent treatment sessions.

3.      Color of Hair and Skin

Dark colored hair accompanied by light colored skin responds better to laser waves. Because many of the laser wavelengths are absorbed by skin pigments, lighter skin (with lesser pigments) means wavelengths will reach and kill the hair follicles quickly. If the skin color is darker, it will require an extra number of sessions before all hair can be removed.

People with red or blonde hair also usually require more sessions to remove the hair permanently.

4.      The Clinic’s Location

The region where a clinic is located also determines the cost of permanent laser hair removal treatment. Generally, if you were to get a laser treatment in the US, you would find the prices higher than those in the UAE. However, there isn’t a huge different in the prices because no surgeon wants to keep the cost of the treatment out of the reach of people. What you need to be careful about is that if you come to a clinic that offers laser treatment for a significantly lower rate, you might want to make a check on the quality of services being provided there.

5.      Range of Facilities

The kind of facilities available at a clinic also affects the cost of the treatment. Usually, more experienced surgeons charge higher than those with lesser experience or qualifications. The better equipped a clinic is and the higher the quality of services, the more the cost will usually be.

Lip Augmentation: Cost and What Affects It

Has that ever happened that watching Kerry Washington’s voluptuous lips left you wishing for an exact, same kind of a pair of your own? Well, at least I have. I’ve been awestruck not just by Kerry’s but so many other famous celebrities’ wearing those full and glossy lips, and I’m sure so must have been you. Our dull and thin lips don’t even come close to theirs. Sigh!

But wait, did you know that lip augmentation was helping helpless women like us gain that volume in lips? Well, of course you did know that. But like many other women, you too are worried about the cost factor, right? That’s natural. However, be reminded that the cost of a lip augmentation at a lip augmentation clinic in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the world isn’t fixed. It varies widely for a number of factors. We’ve listed for you the top 4 factors that affect the cost of a lip augmentation surgery.

Check them out!

  1. The Clinic or Doctor

The clinic or the doctor you’re visiting is what can hugely affect the cost of a lip augmentation. At some clinics, doctors can administer lip augmentation fillers for a few hundred dollars, whereas in others they can charge several thousand dollars for a lip implant. It all depends and vary from clinic to clinic and from doctor to doctor. Generally, doctors and surgeons with extensive experiences charge more than doctors with lesser experience. Similarly, clinics that offer a variety of high standard facilities will charge more than clinics where the facilities are of a normal standard.

  1. Techniques of Augmentation

Lip augmentation can be done through several techniques and the price of each technique vary greatly.  For instance, If you’re opting for a filler injection to augment your lips, the price can be anywhere around $500, but if you were to opt for a lip implant, the price can soar high to even $5,000. This is a huge difference. What kind of treatment you choose is eventually going to determine the cost of your surgery.

However, you need to be wary of the fact that techniques that are priced lower, such as the filler injections, are usually temporary solutions to lip augmentation. The results of these treatments vanish after a couple of months and you have to sit for more sessions after that. With high priced techniques, like the implant, the results are usually permanent and thus it is a one-time investment.

  1. Type of Chemical/Implant Material

Within the techniques of lip augmentation, the price of each technique is affected by the type of chemical or implant material used. There are a variety of injectable fillers available and they are priced differently. Some fillers can cost you $300 while others can cost you $600. Similarly, if you’re going through a lip implant, the implant material is going to affect the cost of the surgery. Implant materials come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and they all carry different price tags.

  1. The Lip Area

Whether you’re going for both, upper and lower lips, or augmenting just one of them is another factor affecting the cost of your treatment. Naturally, a single lip augmentation is going to cost lesser than if you opt for both lips. However, surgeons tend to give discounts to those who opt for treating both lips.

Facts and Myths that you should know about laser hair removal

Waxing, tweezing and shaving are very tiring methods of getting rid of bodily hair, which is why many women are increasingly adopting for laser hair removal treatments in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere to get rid of hair permanently. This method of hair removal is extremely safe and results are usually very dramatic. There are, however, some myths associated with the treatment that we’re just about to clear away.

Myth: Laser treatment isn’t safe

Fact: The FDA has approved a number of laser systems that are perfectly safe to use on the skin and provide permanent solution for unwanted hairs. If you visit a board-certified surgeon, it is most likely that he is using a laser system that has been deemed safe. There are clinics where beauticians are administering laser treatments and it is here that unsafe laser systems might be in use. You’ll want to stay clear of such clinics and only get your treatment done from a certified surgeon. This will minimize your chances of getting any side effects.

Myth: One laser hair removal session is enough to remove hair permanently

Fact: This is not at all true. Hair grow in different cycles and at different timings, so while your surgeon is targeting one area during a laser hair removal treatment, there will be other follicles sprouting hair elsewhere. This makes it impossible to remove entire body hair permanently in one session. Usually it takes several treatments over a course of a few months before every hair follicle is killed.

Myth: Laser can burn the skin

Fact: Burns from laser treatments are extremely rare. They have mostly occurred in a few cases of patients with darker skin tones. It is best to see a dermatologist who is better qualified to guide you on the potential side effects. Even if burns occur, there are medications available to remove them safely.

Myth: Laser doesn’t work on dark-skinned people

Fact: That is just that: a rumor. A laser definitely works best on pale skin with dark hair, but it can work equally well on dark skin. A dark skin absorbs a lot of laser radiation so it may only require a few extra session to get rid of all hair. African-American women are particularly worried because they’ve been repeatedly told laser hair removal treatment wouldn’t work on them. Fellas, that’s not right.

Myth: Laser treatment is very painful

Fact: Laser hair removal treatment isn’t painful at all and most patients only feel a slight discomfort during the procedure. Some people experience a pinprick sensation, but it is nothing like unendurable pain. However, most people have reported that laser hair removal is far less uncomfortable than waxing.

Myth: Laser treatment in the pubic region can affect fertility

Fact: No, no, no! That is a total fabrication. Laser treatment systems are designed to penetrate the skin only to the depth of destroying the hair follicles and they can’t go any deeper to affect your reproductive system. Throw your worries to a side if you were concerned about that.

Myth: Laser treatment removes hair forever

Fact: Laser treatment gives varied results. In some people, a few laser hair removal sessions are enough to get rid of all hair whereas others might need a longer time to achieve the same results. There are many factors that count in the success of hair removal; your hair type, thickness, width and color, the type of laser used, the skills of the surgeon and your genes, to name a few. Typically a laser hair removal treatment reduces hair between 40 to 80 percent. After the treatments, either the hair will grow back much thinner, or they won’t regrow at all.